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Overwhelmed by the deep poverty in which many children from Romanian villages live, we have directed our efforts to bring a little relief to their lives. We sent food, hygiene products, clothes and supplies for hundreds of poor children in Transylvania. We equipped a kindergarten in a disadvantaged area of Prahova with furniture, supplies and toys. We continued to support monthly may of the children who attended our day center with food, toiletries, supplies. We identified a number of very poor families, with school and preschool children, from Ialomita County, in collaboration with the local authorities we started a program of monthly financial support, counseling, and financial contributions to improve living conditions. All this to ensure a decent living for children, to prevent school dropout, to provide them with education and proper nutrition.

We want to expand our activity in other villages and communes, to establish collaborative relationships with local authorities so that, with their support, we can contribute to improving the quality of life of children from poor families.

For this we need your support, people with a warm and generous soul!

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