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About us

Mission and short history

"June 12, 1993 was the day I will never forget, it was the day that changed the rest of my life, it was the day I decided that my mission was to help disadvantaged children who, at that time, lived in worryingly large number on the streets of Bucharest. It was a decision that led to many frustrations in the search for those people who would share my dreams and aspirations related to finding viable solutions to help and recover children on the streets of our city. In October 1995 I had the privilege of meeting a few people from Ireland who were impressed by the suffering of those children who were eager to share their intentions and plans with me. Together we would lay the foundations of the Foundation. "

President of the Foundation, Dr. Viorica Molloy



The "Future for the Children of Romania" Foundation was founded in April 1998 at our initiative, by several people, Romanians and Irish, who out of the desire to help we decided to involve our body and soul in a difficult and long-term project. So we started by opening a day center offering emergency help to street children. At the same time I bought a plot of land on which I started building the placement center meant to provide a home full of love and warmth to those children whose dreams had been stolen by the unconsciousness and indifference of their own parents.
It all started with a rented house and modest conditions. I worked with street children, who at that time were estimated at over 5,000. I provided medical treatment and helped thousands of these children, counseled and guided them, and did my best to make them reintegrated into the family or institutionalized.

  The Day Center was born with a considerable decrease in the number of street children. Thus, our foundation deals with another important social problem, namely, preschool children from very poor families with an increased risk of family and school dropout. We provided medical, social and educational assistance to preschool and school children aged between three and eight years and their families, with a total number of over 100 beneficiaries.

Today, through the program I want it too! we want to make every effort to bring about a change in the lives of rural children! We want to work together with other local authorities, the church and other ONG to offer these children equal opportunities, a decent life and a better future!

Short history


„Viitor Pentru Copiii Romaniei” Foundation “Sf. Iosif ”is a non-governmental, non-profit organization with legal personality since April 1998.

  • April 1998 - Foundation "Future for the Children of Romania" House "St. Iosif ”was established, as a Non-Governmental Organization, non-profit, with legal personality;

  • 1998 - the foundation opened the day center for street children offering social, medical and educational assistance, in a rented space;

  • May 1998 - the foundation acquired a plot of 5000sqm;

  • 2000 - the first construction was completed with the destination residential center and day center;

  • 2000-2003 - the foundation operated in parallel with three programs:

    1. the placement center for abandoned children and / or from the street and from disadvantaged families who were in financial and / or housing impossibility to support their children, with a number of 32 beneficiaries;

    2. the maternal center for mothers with children from the street, with a total number of 8 beneficiaries;

    3. the day center, offering medical, social and educational assistance to street children, with a total number of beneficiaries of approximately 3000 children.

  • 2003 - as a result of the considerable decrease in the number of street children, the destination of the day center for street children changed into a day center for preschool children with high risk of family and school dropout, coming from very poor families;

  • 2005 - the foundation obtained the accreditation as a provider of social services for the Placement Center and the Day Center;

  • 2008 - the foundation is re-accredited by Decision no. 207 / 17.12.2008 for the same programs;

  • 2011 - The Placement Center closes its doors due to lack of funds, the activity of the Day Center remaining unchanged.

  • 2020 - The day center closes after 15 years of helping thousands of children and their families. The pandemic and lack of funds made it impossible to continue the program and pushed us to another aid program.

  • 2021 - The program "I want it too!" is born, a program dedicated to children and their families in rural areas. A program that allows us to work and help many children who are discriminated against and lack equal opportunities to have a better future.

Administrative Council

Viorica Molloy


Colm Molloy
Vice President 
Brian Patrick Geary
 Vice President
Viorica Iliescu
The team:

Dr. Viorica Molloy
021 345 54 85

Viorica Iliescu

0742 098 908

Miruna Grigorie
Public Relations



Monday Friday

09:30 AM - 05:00 PM


Bulevardul 1Decembrie 1918, nr.56E, sector 3, Bucuresti

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